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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Still Alive

As seen in the progress bars on the side, I've been knitting and finishing stuff - Inishmore was finished up while watching the Grand Prix of Bahrain last weekend, the back of Sweet and Lowdown was finished up and I'm working busily on the seat, and Opale is growing slowly (it gets worked on 2 nights a week, for a couple of frequently interrupted hours). Photos eventually.

Rosita is now on the to-be-knit slate - yarn has been selected (Mayflower 8 in light aqua) but is on order, since they only had 2 skeins. Fine, since it will follow Sweet and Lowdown.

And, because I think it's funny:

My Unitarian
Jihad Name
is: Sister Machine Gun of Enlightened Compassion.

Get yours.

Face it, I spray ideas and thoughts like a machine gun. It fits.