Knit a little, read a little, watch a little

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Now with actual knitting content!

I have been knitting, just not blogging. Had a band concert on Monday (went OK, except for the disastrous intro to American Patrol. The conductor told the drummer to make sure that drummer could see conductor. Didn't happen, and neither did the beginning of the song.) Spent the weekend watching crappy movies (Monty Python's Life of Brian [shoot me if you like, but I just didn't get it] and Code 46, a weird sci-fi romance that never gelled for me) and reading a crappy novel (Diary by Chuck Palahniuk. If you have some great urge to read one of his novels, read either Survivor or Fight Club. Boy's a one-trick pony, and the pony's dying a slow and painful death.) Not exactly an inducement to blog.

On to pictures! Oh joy, oh bliss, oh happy, happy day.

I haven't knit much on Sweet and Lowdown. I think I'm going to run short on yarn, and need to order more. (And Seven, if you're reading this, don't worry about what I traded you. Got it?) I need to order other yarn too, so maybe tomorrow I will get on the horn and order. (Neither supplier has online shopping yet.) It will be lovely when it's done though, and shouldn't take too long to finish, except for the zippers. Just need to knit, 3-needle bind off, work in the ends on the seat (back already done) and wash, assemble chair and block, attach aforementioned zippers and all done. No seaming involved! Unlike...

Opale, which is a lot of seaming and not a lot of fabric for seaming - just one selvage stitch on each side. Just look at the princess Carolina studying my work. I think she's looking at the mistake currently waiting to be ripped out of sleeve number two (which has been a royal pain in the ass - this will be the third time I've had to tink back to fix glitches. Not fun.) The pattern, however, is worth the work:

Last week's panic was after I finished the sleeve and the sleeve cap was 2 inches longer than the pattern indicated, in spite of the fact that I knit it exactly as given. So I pinned it together, discovered it worked just fine, and tried it on. (The picture was taken at 2 am while watching my tape of Gilmore Girls. Please, be kind.)

If I do the seaming this weekend, pictures should be forthcoming sometime next week. And maybe I'll even get Inishmore pictures too!