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Sunday, February 06, 2005

TV Odds and Ends

Today is the Super Bowl - home of numerous new and spiffy commercials. I'm going to the movies instead. Why? Well, one must support quality films at the theater (In Good Company currently) with one's dollars. Plus, Canadians don't get all the spiffy American commercials. The Canadian broadcast is simulcast on the originating network - so same game stuff, but Canadian commercials. And, since it's not the cash cow it is in the States, we get the same old crap.

Speaking of the same old crap, there are a few commercials currently on that tick me off. (I'm currently in a pissy mood, and am using a neutral topic to vent).

Swanson "Hungry-Man Dinners" - two guys are in the lockerroom after their shower. Dialogue is roughly "Mmmm I had a Hungry-Man Sport meal for lunch - a full pound of deep-fried crap. What'd you have?" "A watercress tea sandwich." At which point, guy A points his hairdryer at guy B, who blows away over the lockers. Trust me, guy B isn't going to be moving with a hairdryer pointed at him. He's not some 100-pound weakling - this is a man who doesn't appear to have missed a lot of meals. I know the point is that the Hungry-Man meal fills you up. I still think it's moronic.

Swiffer Dusters - Wife has home-bound hubby on the speakerphone while she sets up the conference room for a meeting. He's just having so much fun dusting with the Swiffer, he has to tell her all about it. She's paying minimal attention, because she's working. Then he tells her that the next room up is "...the bedroom, my pooky-schmookie-dookie-wookie." All the people are arriving for the meeting at this time, and she dives for the speakerphone, but still has to take crap from the people at work. The guy using the Swiffer doesn't seem to be a house-husband (if he'd done housework for a while, I doubt he'd be calling his wife to give her the play-by-play.) So, why the hell doesn't he know that that's not appropriate conversation for a workplace? However, it is typical of the commercials with working women - the men are total morons who can barely manage anything.

editing to add another reason to go to the movies - I finished the one DVD I had for the weekend - Angels in America, which was fantastic. It was sent Wednesday, and the two sent on Tuesday *You Can Count on Me and Shaun of the Dead are wherever the hell the post office left them. Grrr. Since I'm trying my damndest to get stuff back rapidly (The Wire hasn't hit the list of acquisitions yet, and I think I'm top of the list, so I don't want any undue delays in my enjoyment of Baltimore cops and criminals. If it goes much longer, it might be better to buy it - it's the sticker shock of $90 that keeps me from doing it!)