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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I Want New Yarn!

No clue why - I just want something new to fondle. It's not like I don't have enough to work on. Let's see - I have the yarn for everything on the sidebar, plus 5 more pairs of socks. I have sweaters I'd really like to finish before it gets too warm to wear them. I have yarn on the way (I think - this 6-10 week wait for Lorna's Laces from Discountyarnsale is getting frustrating, although I think it should be close to over.)

But what? Some (more) cotton for summer knitting? Something in a shawl? I've seen a shawl I kind of like, but if I'm honest, I won't wear it. I don't wear shawls - not my style. I'm trying to stick to knitting stuff I'll actually wear. Or is this just some weird outgrowth of PMS (in addition to a foul disposition) that is causing me to scan knitting patterns and my LYS's selection?

In all honesty, if it's instant gratification I'm looking for, I should pull out some basic yarn and knit up a handful of swatches for my finishing class on the 13th. (I also need to block the Onde Kimono - I'm hoping to use that for mattress stitch practice.) I could cast on for the front of Inishmore. I could finish Peek-a-boo's sleeve. I could swatch up some yarn on the 1.25mm needles and try out some ideas for socks. I could fiddle with the pattern I want to use for the denim pullover (from sport weight wool to worsted weight cotton.) There's a million things I could do, but I just want something new. Bleah.