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Thursday, February 17, 2005


Evil holidays are over, PMS is over (at least for this month) and Mr. Postman has been kind the past couple of days. Yesterday:

I watched the "Greetings from Wonderfalls" documentary and the first episode's commentary track yesterday. Which was nice, since most of the day was spent watching a very nice nerd fix my poor trojan-laden computer. It was not pretty. She got here at 10 and left with the machine around 2 pm. We're looking into upping the memory in the near future, since it's as slow as molasses. But I think I can do that myself. Carefully.


The Christmas present yarn finally arrived! It's now all wound in balls, and ready to go to Toronto this weekend. (I keep typing Toronot - I think it's a Montrealer's Freudian slip!) Dad has agreed to slip into town tonight - I need more stitch markers, and I can't find them here. Well, that's not technically true - I can't afford them here. I found them at home hardware - 2 for $1.49. I need 18. $20 for stitch markers is exorbitant. Yes, I know you can use little loops of yarn. I've tried. I just knit them into the item in question. Then I have to pick back to fix. I love my little black rubber markers - they don't confuse me!

Interestingly enough, I went to the yarn store in the town where I live on the great stitch marker search. (What I call the LYS is in Kanata, a half-hour drive away.) It is right next door to the Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers. They have two shelves of Briggs and Little, a fine Canadian yarn. Everything else is an import. Mostly Naturally and Wendy yarns. Where's the Mission Falls, the Shelridge Farms, the Philosopher's Wool, the Fleece Artist, the Koigu? Hell, where's the Patons? Why all the New Zealand yarn? (Now you know why my LYS isn't so local.)