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Monday, August 23, 2004


I've been contemplating this for several days. These are emotions that I really feel I need to get out of my system. I am saying mean things about some people who post on the Knitty board, although not anybody specifically. This may be related to the week-long case of PMSy hormones I've been battling (unsuccessfully) all freaking week. Feel free to skip reading this if you feel your feelings might be hurt. If I don't get this out, I'm going to blow. I have delayed this for several days, but have finally decided that this is MY space, to say whatever the hell I feel like saying, whether it hurts people's feelings or not.

End of disclaimer.

I have not been posting very much on the Knitty boards lately, because it seems there has been an influx of newbies asking what I see as idiotic questions. "I've been knitting for three minutes and I want to make a sweater exactly like this. Tell me exactly how to do it please." No, go out and look it up for yourself. I really feel for people who work at LYSs who get inundated with this kind of crap constantly. One of the other questions that irks me is "What yarn should I buy?" How the hell do I know? I don't know what you can find in your area. I can recommend Mission Falls, but if you can't find it, it's not a whole lot of help. This is where the lovely people at your LYS are FAR MORE HELPFUL than a bunch of people on the internet. Or "This pattern isn't working out right. Help!" It would help if you said exactly what the problem was. If your stitch counts aren't coming out right, nobody can fix that if they don't know how many stitches off you are - we can figure out what you should have, but clearly, you've figured that out too. I know this kind of thing happens (my Starting Over board has been cheesing me off too, but the message volume is far lower, meaning my blood pressure is lower too.) Like I said, maybe this is just extended PMS and I'll feel more kindly later. Maybe having to deal with Chris the fuckwit (and Cathy the fuckwit, for that matter) is aggravating it. (Although Chris should become less of a problem, because I'm just going to do my damndest to pretend he doesn't exist.) I just want my board back to its more sane incarnation. Or at least what I saw as a more sane incarnation.