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Monday, June 28, 2004

Yay me!

I've finished both Rogue and Swell. Pictures (at least of Rogue) will follow sooner or later (emphasis on later, probably). I think I will continue this roll and finish Salt Peanuts before I start Kimono. Admittedly, I think I need to buy needles for Kimono, and I want to consult with the LYS women about the gauge swatch. I got row gauge but not stitch gauge on US 5/3.75. I also have Mom's socks to finish.

I have a plan for my summer/fall knitting. After I finish Kimono, I need to knit a second pad cover (already gathering up my Mission Falls scraps for this - I've got some other aran-weight stuff, or maybe I'll just pick up a skein or two more of Mission Falls); I have this enormous bag of sport-weight acrylic I need to futz with - I'm thinking of using the Big Bad Baby Blanket pattern out of Stitch 'n Bitch to knit a blanket or two for Project Linus. This stuff is so old, there is no indication of gauge, suggested needles or anything, just "Sport-Weight," so this is going to be interesting. Add in Mom's socks to finish and my plans for a pair of Broadripples for me, and that should take care of the rest of the summer. If it doesn't, I've got some Filo by Lang waiting to be knit into a handbag, and the makings of Lola's companion Vegan Fox, Reynard, crying to be whipped up. Once we get into cooler fall temperatures, it's time for a big, complex, pain-in-the-ass project. Yes, that's right, it's time for me to tackle my first Starmore.

What Starmore shall it be, you ask? Not sure yet. I love St. Ciaran, but (a) have you seen the price of Aran Knitting lately? I scoped out a copy on ILL, but I don't think Peterborough wants to lend it to me for the length of time I'd need it; (b) I want a sweater, not a wrap. St. Brigid has source material issues, same as St. Ciaran. I have ordered The Celtic Collection (Mom and Dad wanted stuff from Chapters, and an extra book for me is my version of a handling fee!), and am considering Cromarty. I'm also going to pick up Tudor Roses, as Catherine Parr and Margaret Tudor are calling my name. I also like Elizabeth I, but I'm looking for something with way more cable detail. Inishmore is intriguing, so maybe I'll track down a copy of Fishermen's Sweaters for perusal too. Oh, if only I had a better local library. Oooh, you want pictures of these possibilities? Check out Knitting Beyond the Hebrides gallery - this should take you directly to the Starmore textured sweaters page. Her Fair Isles are also gorgeous, but I think I'd start smaller. Color knitting scares me.