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Friday, June 25, 2004

I'm cheesed off...

As I sit hear bopping along to "Ice, Ice Baby" (freshman year of college - I still can't hear "Under Pressure without expecting to hear Vanilla Ice), I need to whine to someone other than my mother (who is royally tired of hearing this particular rant.)

Band Uniforms Suck! The executive (of which my mother is a member, which is why I read the e-mails) is now back to discussing skirt length. Someone (ie not me, member of uniform committee) has decreed that skirts shall be of below the knee length. My skirt falls just above the knee. I will quit band before I buy another fucking black skirt that I will never wear. I do not wear black if I can help it. I have several black t-shirts, all bought because that particular catchphrase only came in black. Give me a choice of white, black, and any other color, and I will buy the other color every time. I don't like how I look in either black or white. I have bought black clothes (and white, for that matter) in the past because one is supposed to own such things. I have decided however, that life is too damn short to buy clothes you hate. I own a black skirt, and I do not see that it is an inappropriate length. If it's a problem, I have no problem quitting band, or not performing in public (more likely, because I enjoy the company of most of my section mates). However, I do have another option in mind, if I can get some sewing help. One big, fat, fluffy, past-the-knee tulle extravaganza. I also thought about leather pants, but they would be deadly in summer, and I don't really want them. I also thought about my long black dress (bought to play in an orchestra) - I wouldn't be able to tuck in my shirt, and that would be just as bad. These kind of idiotic, asinine, moronic rules piss me off, and tend to make me rebel further. I also think that there are issues with my choice of fishnet hose. Why fishnets? I hate cheap pantyhose. Gives me the creeps. I prefer the expensive brands. I also shred pantyhose. I consider it a great accomplishment to get one wearing from a pair of pantyhose. I refuse to buy pantyhose, as the cost ends up being exorbitant. I wear tights. Tights are not what I want to wear on a sweltering July night. Fishnets, from a distance, appear as black, but are airy enough for me to be comfortable. Hey, maybe I should just wear ripped up pantyhose, and blame it on the crappy snaggy ol' chairs!

The kicker on all this crap? We have a male member who still wears grey pants (the old uniform), which we all believe is his way of trying to get the band to buy him black pants. Not a single mention of this pain in the ass in the email. No, it's skirt lengths that are the problem. As if. Get a fucking life.

Sorry about the language (if cussing offends you) but this just sends me into long cursing rants.