Knit a little, read a little, watch a little

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Another day passes

Went to the community band day today. Got up indecently early for me (8:30 in the morning) to catch the bus, which left at 9:30. We got to the park at 10 past 10. We weren't scheduled to play until 11:30. I wore my 4 inch stiletto sandals, so I didn't have to schlep much. I did end up carrying a baritone, so the guy who plays it could carry the music. (Insert "Awwww, how sweet" here). It was extremely windy in the park, so I didn't get much knitting done - I did a couple of decrease repeats on Salt Peanuts, and did a few more rows in the park, but I was nearing the end of that ball, so I quit while I was ahead. I read a couple of chapters of Anna Karenina, but it was cold because it was so windy, so I ended up just wandering around. We ended up starting our set late, because the band who was supposed to bring the majority of the music stands was extremely late (as in arrived 2/3 of the way through our set), so the organizers had to scramble to find us some stands. Otherwise, I was going to have to play sitting on the ground, using my knees to hold the music to the ground. Not exactly easy to do in a knee-length skirt! The wind was wreaking havoc with everything - music flying everywhere, one of the microphones tried to blow away. Rather disastrous, but at least the music carried out - we were afraid it was going to just vanish backwards.

Came home, read the paper, did the Sunday New York Times crossword (last week's crossword runs in our Saturday paper) - had to look up a lot of stuff, which is frustrating. Knit another couple of decrease repeats on Salt Peanuts while watching Champ Car/CART qualifying on Race Director. Race Director would be OWRS's method of disseminating non-televised stuff. I was considering not subscribing, but the race is tape delayed to Sunday night on TSN and Monday night on RDS, and I hate not watching the race live. Why? Germany 2001 is a prime example. You inevitably find out if something bad happens, and it taints the whole race. You just keep watching for what you know is going to happen, and I find it difficult to enjoy the race. I think that up until Zanardi's accident, it was an exciting race, and Zanardi was finally doing well, after having been pretty mediocre up to that point in the season. But I was just dreading the accident. If I had been able to watch the race live, I think I would have had a better appreciation of the good parts of the race. The accident would have been horrifying, but it wouldn't have been all I was thinking about. (Since most people probably don't have a clue about what I am blathering on about, Alex Zanardi is a race-car driver who had been highly successful in CART, moved on to Formula One with no success, came back to CART and, in the accident in question, lost both of his legs when his car didn't come up to full speed when returning to the track after a pit stop and was T-boned by Alex Tagliani, who was at full speed and didn't have a chance to not hit Zanardi. Only the fine work of the CART medical team saved his life. He is now back to racing in European touring cars, in a modified car. I'm sure if you run him through your search engine of choice, you can find more information).

I spent the evening napping. I started to watch "Bubba Ho-Tep," but I was dozing off, so I shut it off to watch later. The beginning was funny, so I think I'll like the rest.