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Saturday, May 01, 2004

I Went Shopping...

... and all I bought was a box of Tampax. I did see a book I would have bought if Mom had been buying something (Liquor), but it will be there in the future too. I also looked for DVDs, but neither the "Special Edition" of Heathers nor Les Parapluies de Cherbourg were available (at least at CD Warehouse). When I got home, I pre-ordered "Popular" from amazon, so come July or so, cheesy TV goodness! (amazon also had both of the other movies, but I didn't order them yet!)

Various TV-related rambles
Since Heathers didn't work out last night, I started watching "Only When I Laugh," which I remember from my childhood. It was still funny - three guys in a hospital room. Only the Brits could pull it off.

I keep seeing stuff about Don Cherry possibly leaving "Coaches Corner," which is getting just as much fuss and furor as his last contract negotiation. It doesn't bother me if he leaves, because I don't watch CBC, since living in Ontario means "Thou shalt watch the Leafs," and I'd rather be poked with red-hot pokers than do that. I watch SRC/RDS's Canadiens coverage, even on the rare occasion CBC is running the Canadiens. Frankly, I prefer a homer in commentary, and that's not the impression I get from the people at CBC.

Knitting Stuff
I finished the chart part of Rogue's sleeve, but didn't go any further because it was 4 am and I need to attach a new ball of yarn. I also need to get back to my socks. I did one, and tried to start the second while watching Long Beach Grand Prix coverage (I think it was qualifying, but could be wrong). I totally botched the short row toe, and ripped back, and haven't gotten back to it.