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Friday, May 08, 2009

How bored must I be...

... if I'm actually resorting to blogging? Well, "bored" may not be the proper word, but I'm blogging, so there you go.

What's happened since the last time I blogged? Well, I knit lots of stuff (mostly posted on my Ravelry account - habsgirl - although I've been lazy lately). Lots of socks and toys - socks for the fam and toys for my future niece/nephew, due near the end of the month. Clothing is waiting until the kidlet is born - no sense in knitting a cute widdle dress if it turns out to be a linebacker of a boy. (Not that I would knit a dress if it's a mere slip of a boy, either.) The Necco Wafer Hoodie from Twist Collective is on the list of probable knits, in navy with the stripes being gender-determinant. (Well, that and I need to dig up my leftovers from Kyoto - lime and white would work for either, but no pink for a boy.)

I still miss Carolina horribly, especially at bedtime. However, we do have a new cat - Schrodinger, an one-year-old orange and white male tabby from the Lanark Animal Welfare Shelter. Dad and I went out at the end of January, and he was the one who caught my heart (by scrambling onto my back when I was bent over.) His shelter name was "Yappers" and he is a talker. He and Rehnquist get on amazingly well - a tiny bit of hissing the first day, and now they play-fight all the time, at least when Schro isn't trying to bathe the 'Quist. ('Quist sleeps so deeply that Schro can usually get a fair amount done before 'Quist wakes up.) I think there's a photo or two in my Photobucket account (cat folder, user name habsgirl - it's so much easier when everything is under the same username).

Why no links? Well, I'm at work and figure this is pushing things far enough. Yes, you read that right - I'm gainfully employed... at my LYS (local yarn shop for the non-knitting reader(s)). It's part time, but gets me out of the house and earning some money. Plus, I manage not to spend the entire check here! (Mind you, I priced out a sweater earlier, and it's not the first time.) Spring and summer are slower times, and I'm taking advantage of a lull to type this up. It's funny how much I notice my ADD cropping up - knit a little bit (currently on a toddler sweater for a shop sample), then let's stock a shelf or two, no, let's surf the internet, ooh I want a cup of tea....

Otherwise, life progresses as normal. Maybe I'll actually start to be a less-negligent blogger. Or there's always Twitter. (Theory: short posts less effort to bore people with.)