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Friday, January 28, 2005

Actual Knitting Content!

Although no pictures of Inishmore. I didn't realize that the sun does not pour into our kitchen until afternoon (I rarely see late morning) and I was at sit and knit this afternoon (after trying to fix my brother's parking issues - he got a ticket because some moron managed to infringe on his space at his condo complex, he parked in the visitor lot and didn't notify the service. Oops. The good thing is I picked up a back issue of Racer with articles on both Jacques Villeneuve and Patrick Carpentier.)

First up, mom's sock:

Yes, that's a yarn tail you see. I actually need to rip out the bind-off and redo it on a larger needle, because Mom had problems getting them on. The sock is burgundy Regia Silk. One down, one to go.

Now, a better picture (linked to a closeup) of the sleeve of the Phildar sweater:

Sadly, all this work had to be ripped out when it dawned on me that this sleeve wasn't half done and it was more than half the length of my arm. My row gauge seems to be off. It's pretty much back to this point - and I'm only having to change the pattern slightly. I think I must be knitting tighter. The white bits you see are markers for where the center strips will be attached to the side panel to create the braided open cable up the center.

One last thing - more Elann yarn and needles:

That's enough yarn for 5 pairs of socks (the bright pink and blue are for me, the chocolate, olive and forest are for Mom). The needles are 1.25 mm (US 0000) Addi double points, for use in Kim Brody Salazar's Impossible Socks, although I will skip the colorwork.

(About yesterday's whine - I tend to bottle things up, and I shouldn't. Spitting it out makes me feel much better. That and the new Helmet CD, and I'm in a much better state of mind. Oooh, they're in Toronto in February...)