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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Yet more random thoughts...

What is it with blog wars? I just don't get it. The most recent one was Wendyknits v. The Dishcloth Queen, but there have been others. I find that if I don't agree with someone, or like what they say on their blog/do in general, I JUST DON'T GO THERE! A blog is one person's place to blather on about whatever they see fit. If you don't like it, don't read it. But maybe that's just me.

Now, on to blathering on about what I see fit!

Racing news has been fairly busy lately, what with the end of the racing season and the start of silly season (contract signings, driver movement, much rumor and innuendo until the next season starts. Carpentier has moved over to the {shudder} IRL. I don't blame him - there really hasn't been a good place for him at Forsythe since Tracy came over (hell, he barely had a ride this season). It was either pay to drive in CCWS or get paid to drive in the IRL. It just sucks that a certain 800-lb. gorilla (to use Dave Despain's terminology) has drained sponsorship dollars from all other types of racing. Although, to be fair, the split certainly hasn't helped open wheel's chances. Since I don't watch the IRL, I will have to follow Carp's career through print sources for the near future. Then again, if Toyota goes to NASCAR and drops the IRL...

On to happier news. It looks like Cristiano DaMatta wants to return to Newman Haas, which would be good and bad. Good because it's always good to have highly talented drivers in the series: bad because a trio of DaMatta, Bourdais and Junquiera is awfully scary (it would be nice to have that a little more spread out, in my opinion.)

Although, I have found something scarier: Oriol Servia without hair. Compare before scalping and after. Not a brilliant idea.

My life continues apace - I gave my mother her socks:

That's my foot modeling the sock. Dad's sweater is started - the first sleeve is almost done. I bought Sirdar Snowflake for the Elvis wig, and I'm finding it a bitch to work with. Sadly, I was trying to swatch this at band practice, and it was even more frustrating than the reasons I knit at practice. I knit at practice to allow me to ignore Chris. The past month has been Chris-free, but he was back this week. He says he will be at Remembrance Day tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath. He tends to say he'll do something and not follow through.