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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Odds and Ends...

I keep meaning to post, and then don't. Just being lazy.

In knitting news, I've finished knitting the Bigger Badder Baby Blanket

- all I need to do is weave in the ends and give it a couple of trips through the washing machine with lots of fabric softener.

As noted in the progress section, I started the Raspberry Filo Baguette. What the heck is that, you ask. It's a small clutch bag (baguette - long and thin) in a yarn called Filo that is in the color Raspberry. Here's a picture of the body of the bag

the cable is borrowed from a certain Scottish designer and slightly modified - the center non-cable area is a couple of rows larger and I botched the pattern, so there are some cross-overs where the pattern didn't indicate. That should teach me to assume, but probably won't. I still like it, though.

I also bought yarn today. I picked up an extra ball of the Filo, which I need to knit a strap for the bag. I may pick up the rest of the Filo next time I'm in - it's down to a buck a ball, and I really do like it - it's fun and squishy to knit with. And I ordered from Elann - 10 hanks of Classic Elite Waterspun, which I adore (5 in bisque for a DNA scarf for Dad for Christmas and 5 in bright pink for me - project undetermined) and a cone of the Den-m-nit to knit a sweater inspired by Rowan. I love the idea of going all Jackson Pollock, but I don't like the sweater. So I'm going to try to design what I want in a sweater (closer fitting, sleek - not big and sloppy) and then go to town.

I enjoyed the CCWS race at Road America this weekend, and am glad that Tagliani finally won a race. He's come close a number of times, and it was high time he won. The news out of the paddock that I'm not thrilled about is the rumor that Carpentier will be going to the IRL (shudder) with Haas next season. It is still a rumor, but Miller (source of rumor) generally does have things right. Even if I don't want to believe him. I refuse to watch the IRL, because the split between then-CART and the IRL is what has caused the decline of open-wheel in the United States. I am not a fan of nothing but oval racing, and the fact that they will run two road courses next year doesn't make a difference to me. I realize he needs to go where the work is... Then again, I am very happy that the same rumor indicated that Newman (as in Paul, actor, food product pusher, occasional race car driver) will be staying in CCWS, most likely with a two-car team.

In hockey news, YAY! Theodore will be on the Canadian team for the World Cup of Hockey, replacing Eddie Belfour. Signings are on-going - lately, the trend has been multi-year deals (Zednik for 3 being the most important) while the earlier signings (like Ribeiro) were one-year deals. Now all the labor crap needs to be sorted out, and I'll be a happy camper (I'm not holding my breath, mind you...)