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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Random Thoughts

Didn't post anything yesterday, because there just wasn't time after I got home from Timmy's after band practice (Timmy's=Tim Hortons, the big Canadian donut chain). We spent some quality time whining about the local government. Rumor has it they're doing some stuff that might not be the wisest. I have to admit I'm more likely to believe them since they started up this "Riverside Jam" nonsense. This is a big ol' music festival they're having in the local park over the August long weekend. This is a fait accompli, with no consultation with the homeowners all around the park. They seem to be trying to replicate festivals that have been held out on farms and other isolated places like that, in a RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOOD. They're expecting some huge number of people, camping in the park. I want the hell out of here that weekend, because we live a block from the park, and it's going to be all noise and crap. They say they'll have security. I want to know if they are providind security for the neighbors who's lawns will be trampled, and God/Goddess only knows what else (I have no faith in my fellow humans - I live in a town where bored teenagers torched the public library). Ugh. OOH, I forgot the headline from the local paper today - to paraphrase, "Council wants to be kept apprised of Jam plans." WTF? I don't think the council should have to be asking to be kept apprised, especially if the town has coughed up money ($95K in "seed money" and who knows what else)

In knitting news, I am now on the upper part of my sock. I had started the heel at Timmy's, but decided I did need more of an instep in my sock. So I ripped back and knit a little more. I'm just going to continue on until I run out of yarn, which means my socks will be very odd (the first sock has an even longer instep, and came from the ball I swatched with, so it's shorter anyway) but these are to keep my feet warm while sitting on my bed, so I don't really care!